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JANIS SHI-4 Series 4.2 k Cryostat

One of the versatile and effective cryostats is the Janis SHI-4 series for laboratory sample cooling. This system is equipped with interchangeable optics, and includes provisions for a wide variety of electrical connectors. Tapped holes on the vacuum shroud and a sturdy mounting flange provide for convenient mounting in any orientation. The cryostat is optimized for experiments requiring optical access to the sample and can provide continuous sample temperature variation from 4.2K to 325K. Also the optional configurations permit operation to 500 K or 800 K, with special thermometry. The system includes optical vacuum shroud and radiation shield, four o-ring sealed quartz windows, gold-plated OFHC copper sample holder, 10-pin electrical feedthrough, evacuation valve, safety pressure relief valve, silicon diode thermometer and control heater. This cryostat is a valuable tool for elucidating the science of nanostructures.