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The Joel SEM here is accessible to other UNLV faculty members and associated researchers on an appointment basis.

JEOL JSM-6700F Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope

The JSM-6700F is a field emission scanning electron microscope (FESEM) capable of SEI resolutions down to 1 nm and magnification of x25 to x650,000. The JSM-6700F FESEM incorporates a cold cathode field emission gun, ultra high vacuum, and sophisticated digital technologies for high resolution high quality imaging of nanostructures. Featuring a conical FE gun and a semi-in-lens objective lens, the system is capable of high resolution imaging as well as high quality real time image display at all scan speeds, enabling observation and recording of superior images even in a bright room. The JSM-6700F is able to handle samples up to 8 inches in diameter. The JSM-6700F is a super intelligent PC SEM assuring compatibility with future computer technologies. Its unique graphical user interface controls condition setup, motor stage drive, imaging, and data filing, assuring stable and reliable operation.

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