Nevada Nanotechnology Center hosts Summer Institute for Nevada Teachers

The Nevada Nanotechnology Center in the Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering at UNLV will be hosting a Nanotechnology Summer Institute for Nevada K-12 teachers from July 9th to July 13th, 2007.  Nanotechnology is a rapidly developing field that is expected to drive the next industrial revolution with significant societal implications including improved understanding of nature, efficient manufacturing processes, new products that were not possible before, molecular medicine, and sustainable development leading to a cleaner and safer environment. It is projected that during the next decade, a trillion dollar worth of products world-wide will be affected by nanotechnology. To participate, shape and economically benefit from this new industrial revolution, it is necessary to develop an educated work force in Nevada in the field of nanotechnology. The Nanotechnology Summer Institute will allow Nevada K-12 teachers to learn about the field of nanotechnology and to develop nanotechnology-based lessons and labs that they can take back with them into their classrooms for introducing this field to their students. The week-long institute will provide an overview of nanotechnology, discuss the fascinating applications of this field, and provide hands-on experimental experience in the state-of-the art laboratories of the Nevada Nanotechnology Center.  As part of the Institute, the teachers will work on a laboratory project to build a nanotechnology device and characterize it using advanced tools such as an electron microscope and an atomic force microscope.  The participants successfully completing the summer institute will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the institute. The participating teachers also have the option to receive continuing education credits for the summer institute through UNLV.

“Nanotechnology is not only an important field, but is also a fascinating field that can stimulate our children’s interest in science and technology”, said Dr. Biswajit Das, the Director of the Nevada Nanotechnology Center, “Our teachers know the best way to teach our children, and we believe that training the K-12 teachers in nanotechnology is the best way to take this field to our school children”.

The Nanotechnology Summer Institute is free to participants and is sponsored by the Nevada Nanotechnology Center. The Nevada Nanotechnology Center is an integral component of, and link to, national and international nanotechnology research efforts; serves as a local, state and national nanotechnology research and education center; and is an important source for K-12 and post-secondary education resources in the field of nanotechnology.

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